IELTS Flashcards - A self-learning tool for improving your vocabulary

IELTS Flashcards - A self-learning tool for improving your vocabulary

Studying in foreign universities is indeed a dream for many young students. And many of these young and talented minds make it too. But there’s one thing that a lot of students struggle with, and that is language. 

Almost all foreign universities require students to clear the International English Language Testing System, popularly known as IELTS. 

And mind you. getting those scores is no cakewalk. Although the test consists of just four areas, namely, listening, reading, writing, and speaking, the test poses some serious challenges that can have the students caught off guard. 

A significant part of the IELTS involves a good understanding of vocabulary. As they say, ‘the more, the merrier’, in IELTS, the more vocabulary you have in your kitty, the higher your chances of attaining your dream score. In such cases, finding tools that can make your vocabulary learning fruitful and fun, and exciting can become a little tricky.

That’s where IELTS Vocabulary Flashcards by THE BIG CD can come to your rescue. But what exactly are these flashcards? 

What are Flashcards?

Flashcards are pocket-sized and high-quality cards that include vocabulary words along with their meanings, synonyms, antonyms, as well as usage. These cards come in a box that is specially designed in a way that makes them easy to use and carry along. 

 A box of IELTS vocabulary flashcards

What do you get in the IELTS vocabulary flashcards box?

Each box of IELTS flashcards comes with

  • 352 flashcards: The box includes 352 high-quality and durable flashcards, designed in a pocket-sized box that enables you to carry a bunch of cards wherever you go.

  • Tabs for hassle-free usage: The box contains three exclusive tabs system that helps learners organize the cards as mastered, semi-mastered, and unmastered cards.

  • Simple categorization: These cards are color-coded according to the category and sub-category of every word.

  • Blank cards: The box also includes a set of blank cards to aid self-preparation.

  • Sleeve for convenience – The box also comes with an easy-carrying sleeve that allows you to carry a set of cards with you while traveling so that you don’t have to take the whole box with you at all times.

Online Resources:

Online resources along with IELTS flashcards

Apart from the physical cards, the flashcards also offer the following online content:

  • Online Flashcards

  • 15+ Practice Exercises

  • Audio-Video pronunciation of words

Who Can Use These IELTS Flashcards?

Whether you are a student wanting to improve your vocabulary or a professional wanting to polish it, these IELTS flashcards can be used by anyone. Here’s how these flashcards will help everyone:

Beginner: Beginners, who are new to the language, can learn new words. These cards can make your learning fun and thus strengthen your relationship with the language. 

Intermediate: If you have a working knowledge of the language but haven’t mastered it, you can use these flashcards to improve your vocabulary and get a better understanding of the language. 

Expert: How much knowledge is too much knowledge? Even if you are an expert, these cards can always come in handy to further strengthen your command of the language.


Flashcards divided into mastered, kind of know, and still learning

The box of flashcards is tested in different contexts. These are useful in IELTS academic tests and general training. They can be arranged in alphabetical order in different categories for easy usage. They can further be grouped into three tabs provided in the box as follows:

TAB 1: MASTERED – The Mastered tab is for those cards with words you have aced. The words in this tab are the ones you are accustomed to and well aware of. 

TAB 2: KIND OF KNOW - These are the words you are still learning. You may know these words, but you are still not well-versed in them. You may still want to ace these words before you place them into the Mastered tab. 

TAB 3: I AM STILL LEARNING – As the name suggests, these are the words you are yet to know about. These may be words that are entirely alien to you, and you eventually plan on learning them. 

The primary focus of this categorization is to eventually and gradually move all 352 words under the MASTERED Tab.


IELTS Flashcards can prove to be a great resource if you want to ace your IELTS test and fulfill your dreams of studying abroad. Make sure to have fun and enjoy your time as you make maximum use of these flashcards. 




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